Thursday, May 11, 2006

Colour Matching for Quilting

Many of our customers arrive in the shop and become overwhelmed when they have to start putting colours together, whether to match or contrast, mix prints or blend plains.

We've just received hot off the presses copies of the new book from Fun Quilts, Quiltmaker's Color Workshop. In fact it's so new that they haven't even got it listed on the Fun Quilts website yet. This book is actually an updated and expanded version of Color Harmony for Quilts. This book is a wonderful resource for people scared of colour...leading you step by step through colour decisions, but is also inspiring for quilters comfortable with colour - with a gobsmacking number of colour photographs included.

And the quilt patterns in the back are fantastic too, in a similar style to the graphic, clean lines of the quilts in their earlier book The Modern Quilt Workshop (we'll have copies available soon - they're so popular they're on backorder).

Finally, as I was playing around with the blog design this afternoon, I discovered (thanks Blogger Help!) this colourmatching website. I love that you can easily see 6 complementary colours at once, and thought that this would be an invaluable tool for quilters to create their 'big idea' from (a concept dealt with in the Quiltmaker's Color Workshop).

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