Monday, June 29, 2009

Proof positive

A long, long time ago I was watching a formula 1 grand prix and was inspired by David Coulthard's helmet design to make a simple blue and white wool felt quilt.

After I moved to England it languished. Top and back pieced, quilt basted, and a few very rough rows of large stitch handquilting done.

Years later I tried to fit it into my suitcase on a visit back to Oz. It didn't fit. But Mum and Dad took pity on me (it?) and posted the quilt to me to finish. And guess what - it is!!

I worked on this one on Grand Prix Sundays, ironically while watching DC as one of the new BBC commentators. Many metres of blue sashiko thread, plus a couple of odd rows of white and orange perle cotton, and I have a cuddly woollen quilt just waiting for those winter nights to come back again. Oh, it's satisfying to get one of those WIP's out of the way.

And as I seem to take photos at the oddest times, there are no detailed shots of this one. One day I'll remember, when the light is OK, and will post them up then. But really - the quilting is homey, but nothing to boast about....

Organising my stash

When I made a wedding quilt for some German friends last year, Mum said she was surprised I had enough different fabrics over here to make those pieced stripes - each with dozens of my favourite bits and pieces included. Well, up until last weekend, my fabric collection was hiding in a series of plastic boxes in the cupboards under the eves, and I really had no idea how much I had built up in the last year and a half.
No more! Friends of mine moved, and this gorgeous cabinet oddly did not suit their new house. I'd often coveted it at their old apartment, so gladly offered to take it off their hands.
And now my fabric is happily waiting, easily seen, to be used in a new project. And Mum, you see - I have no shortage of fabric over here! That doesn't mean I don't like to receive care packages of the latest ranges though....... I also popped into Liberty the other day and added to the collection. Oh, and the Far, Far Away from America. Oh well, you can never have too much, right?

On it's way to Australia

Someone has a present on their way for a July birthday.

As there's nothing homemade in the actual package I had to get creative with the packaging. I may never buy gift wrap again - cartridge paper and Dr Martin's inks combined to produce some gift-related packaging. A bit of spray mount and some extras mean that this is post-ready!