Thursday, July 06, 2006

Digital Quilts

I have recently been playing around with Adobe Illustrator, specifically the drawing functions. We do use Electric Quilt 5 to design some of our quilts, and certainly refer to it in many of our classes to show variations on the theme we're working on, without having to have samples for every little variation.

But I've found that there is such freedom in drawing the quilt freehand and not having to worry about precise measurements or scale until I know that this one will be made in cloth as well.

At the moment, we're very big on circles - whether printed on fabric, pieced into or appliqued onto quilts. And I've always loved fairy lights. So last night I whipped up my fairy light quilt (on the computer of course). And the beauty of the system? I could recolour it with a click of the paint dropper... here are some of my favourites.

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