Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quilt designing on the run

Greenwich 280707 004, originally uploaded by alisoninlondon.

Sometimes quilt design ideas jump out at you from the strangest places. I loved the design of this black and white litter bin in Greenwich (South East London).

Take out the words printed on the litter bin, substitute in your own text and you have a lovely geometric outline for a modern quilt.

The tile floors are of course an area where we all look for inspiration, and these (in the chapel) did not disappoint.

But there was also no shortage of colour with the glowing frescoes and golden accents that should be in every great European building.

The sky outside was a brilliant blue - could be aptly described as 'sky blue' in fact, but sitting inside was made bearable by the ornate ceiling design.

But the biggest treat of the day was stepping back outside into the bright sunshine and appreciating the touch of summer that had finally arrived.

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