Saturday, July 21, 2007

Victoria and Albert Part 3

Vintage textile at V&A, originally uploaded by alisoninlondon.

This could become a Victoria and Albert Museum blog (if I let it), but no, this will be the last V&A post for a little while. At least until my next visit.

Several of the textile galleries are closed for refurbishment until April 2008, but there is plenty to see anyway. The patterns in the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art could keep a quilter busy sketching for days. This fragment of a vintage textile was so delicate, encased under glass, but you could imagine the almost papery texture. I wish I'd noted when this was from. I know it was old.

Speaking of sketching, most of the museums here lend free creativity kits to kids and adults with all of the necessary tools - to get sketching, or even to spark some creative writing. So on a rainy day, on the spur of the moment you can pop in and get creative.

The low light of the gallery means that these photos can't really do justice to the rich colours and textures of the textiles. But until we all get to go there, this will have to do. (But really, if you have the chance - go).

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