Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Rowing Quilt (and the story behind it)

I've been wanting post this quilt for a while now, but hanging off while I looked for a photograph to accompany it. It's our latest 'oh-so-soft' quilt, designed by Gai and it is a large throw size - 60" x 60".

We've called it the Rowing Quilt, largely thanks to the bright yellow oh-so-soft fabric, the exact shade of the rowing singlets worn by Taree High School. Throughout the 70's and 80's, Elwin was the Rowing Coach for the Taree High School crews.

So my childhood memories include many days spent at Rowing regattas, and I have the photos (somewhere!) to prove that I grew up on the riverbanks of Australia.

But not only does this quilt include that distinctive yellow/gold shade, but the Manning River Rowing Club shades of cerise (red) and navy (blue, obviously). Elwin is a Life Member of the Manning River Rowing Club having been secretary of the club for almost four decades. Now though with all of his travelling to Quilt Shows around Australasia he's has to take on a silent supportive role within the club.

And we've had several customers tell us that their rowing club/sporting club colours are here on the quilt in the colourful dot and stripe fabrics. So it's the perfect sports supporters quilt. Take it to a rugby league game this winter and chances are you'll be able to sit on the fence with the team colours.

So that's the story behind the name... but it's a fun, bright quilt whatever you want to call it :)


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