Thursday, March 23, 2006

Vintage Variety

Although things have been quite quiet on the just patchwork blog, we've been working hard behind the scenes to finish off some projects to show you. I'm moving on from the roses theme of the past couple of posts and the next couple will have a decidedly dotty outlook.

I fell in love with the Amy Butler Ginger Bliss fabric range, and am very sad that it has almost disappeared from our shelves. Of course we've got all of Amy's Charm fabrics and the new Sis Boom Girlfriends line that goes some ways to fill the gap, but I had to make one more project with the Ginger Bliss line before I could properly move on.

I'm also very taken with Vintage look quilts. If you can't have the real vintage, why not fake it? So I grabbed some stars and pinwheels rejected from another project and whipped up this wallhanging over the weekend. And with the soft dots surrounding my star & pinwheel centre, I am pleased with the faux vintage effect.

Continuing the theme I bravely decided to hand-quilt it, though I was going for the 'utilitarian vintage' not the 'showpiece vintage' standard of quilting. It just reinforced that I am much more comfortable with machine quilting, though it was good to be able to watch the Commonwealth Games on television while I quilted away. And the texture of finished quilt is so soft with the hand quilting.

The final result? My very own Vintage Pinwheel Puzzle ... so named because some of the pinwheels are spinning against the wind.

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