Saturday, June 24, 2006

Luscious Landscapes

Gloria demonstrating to the lucky Landscape Mosaic class participants

We were so excited this week to be hosting Gloria Loughman, world-reknowned quilter and teacher for two workshops in Forster/Tuncurry. The popular 'Landscape Mosaic' and the brand new class 'Playing on the Surface' were both two-day workshops and we've all left inspired, ready to sit down and create our own masterpieces.

If you're not familiar with Gloria's work - where have you been? Gloria and her quilts have been in all of the Aussie and international magazines and we love going to a quilt show and seeing her magnificent quilts. These are quilts that you can't even imagine creating yourself...the detail in the piecing, applique and stitching is magnificent. Then you start noticing the paint effects that she's achieved and you really do feel like you can step right into the picture. It makes you want to start that large project you've been dreaming about....

But back to the workshops. The Landscape Mosaic class breaks down the tehniques to create your own design in Gloria's fantastic landscape quilt style. I'm proud to have finished my Landscape Mosaic quilt - Brynly (the reef starfish) - and I've added the pictures here in case you haven't seen it hanging in the shop before.

'Brynly (the reef starfish) - and his day at the beach'

Detail of the stitched Starfish on the 'Brynly' quilt

It will be so exciting to see the 14 new quilts to come out of Tuesday and Wednesday's class. Look for some photos on the blog next week of the works in progress. The beauty of Gloria's teaching is that we all start out thinking - 'there's no way I can do this' and within a few minutes you're thinking - 'wow, I'm going to do this, then this, then....'. You can definitely tell that she was a teacher in her former life.

To keep this short I'll post more about the classes, and a ton of pictures over the coming days.

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