Monday, June 05, 2006

Non-Quilting related post!

In May, Gai and Elwin attended a trade show in South West Rocks designed to showcase the wealth of business knowledge and expertise in our region. The range of businesses was astounding - from Steber International (who make beautiful boats!) to Cassegrain Winery in Port Macquarie, Just Patchwork :) from Tuncurry and even a free range egg company from the Manning Valley (plus many more....).

The 40 businesses selected were profiled in a book 'World Class Business on the NSW Mid North Coast', and we were honoured to be included in the lineup. The pages were to 'visually represent' the business with minimal words...and I think our page does that!

Gai and Elwin also enjoyed the chance to meet other business owners and discuss the international and domestic markets that our region services. It's amazing to hear where some of our local products end up. The Austrade reps there gave some more insight on the ways to cut through export red-tape, and the Deputy Prime-Minister Mark Vaile was in attendance to support his own local area.

The Mid North Coast Regional Development Board and the NSW Department of State and Regional Development organised the booklet and the event. We were very pleased to be part of it!

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