Monday, June 26, 2006

Sensational Scraps packs

You SCQuilters sure are addicted to fabric, but that's why we love you - we're addicted too! All of the packs below have now been sold, and I've removed the pictures so that the blog loads more quickly.
A popular 'in-house' find are our Sensational Scraps Packs. These are all $5 a pop, no matter what type of fabric is included, or how much. Some are monsters because I just kept adding big pieces, others are a little smaller with teeny tiny scale precious pieces of gorgeous fabrics, and lots of them. One thing they all have in common - they are all great value at five bucks. The even better news is that they are also a part of our huge 20% off items in stock starting tomorrow (Tuesday) and running until Saturday afternoon.

Here at Just Patchwork we don't throw sales on a regular basis because we like to make sure that they are real fair dinkum savings and not just a gimmicky way to draw people in. So this time we've decided to take 20% off the total of our customer's bills...even on thread, needles, wadding, books, kits etc. Normally sales specify this or that is on sale and everything else is normal price. But the only things we're not reducing are the PFAFF sewing machines and the SewEzi table (because they're already at rock bottom bargain price). EVERYTHING ELSE including oh-so-soft, chenille, samples and ready made quilts and importantly the scrap packs are all 20% off.

So how can you choose between the scrap packs? I've made up 28 today and taken photos of all of them. If you want one or more, email us at to 'reserve' it. Just give us your business hours phone number and we'll call to get your credit card details and address to send it to. First one in on the email gets the pack...

And I hear you asking about postage. Well, one scrap pack will go into a 500g satchel for $4.90. But if you buy more than one...the postage for 2-6 packs is a flat $8.90 for the 3kg satchel. So why not pick a few? Maybe have some backups in case your first choices are already gone.

Just to recap - each scrap pack is now a tiny A$4 each ($5 minus this week's 20% off), plus postage.

SOLD No.1 Superman!!!

SOLD No. 2 Pastel Flannels

SOLD No. 3 Dark Floral Beauties

SOLD No. 4 Balis

SOLD No. 5 Golden spots and retro florals

SOLD No. 6 1930's orange and purple

SOLD No. 7 More balis and mottleds

SOLD No. 8 Kaffe, Heather, Denyse and more

SOLD No. 9 Heather's fishy friends

SOLD No. 10 Shot Cotton and floral fusion

SOLD No. 11 Perky Pinks and Hot Chocolate

SOLD No. 12 Raspberry Reds (incl. Chenille)

SOLD No. 13 Butterfly heaven

SOLD No. 14 Spiderman again

SOLD No. 15 Not quite Christmas

SOLD No. 16 Guest starring the Red Hat Ladies

SOLD No. 17 Blue and White monster pack

SOLD No. 18 Noahs Ark and other cuties

SOLD No. 19 Again not quite Christmas

SOLD No. 20 Glorious Greens

SOLD No. 21 Raucous Reds

SOLD No. 22 Lovely Lilacs (incl. Balis)

SOLD No. 23 Black and White magic

SOLD No. 24 Pink and Brown, Brown, Brown

SOLD No. 25 All natural

SOLD No. 26 I found some more Balis!

SOLD No. 27 Fall florals

SOLD No. 28 Silver sparkles and gold accents

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