Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sensational Scraps packs back by popular demand

You've all been so quick to email us. Doesn't technology make life fun!! And it was great that most of you that missed out last time managed to grab some of the packs. So we're all back on a level playing field again. Watch for the last, bumper, round of scrap packs. I'm not holding out on you for the date that it will go up - I just want to make sure that I have HEAPS of packs to post. As soon as that happens, they will go up. And the good news is that the 20% off has been extended for next week because it is the start of the school holidays and well, because we can.
Now they're sold, I've removed the pack photos so that the blog doesn't take an age for you to download.

Hello on this cold night from Tuncurry.

The packs literally ran out of the store last time - well, not literally but you know what I mean :) So for the unlucky who missed out completely I had whispered in your ear that more would be available tonight. Half an hour later than expected, but you know what they say!

I actually had a lot more packs than this, but as I've been making them up here customers have been walking in off the street and buying them. So there's just 21 tonight, and most I made up after we closed, so that I'd have something to offer you all!!

It will be the same deal as last time. If you see a pack that you like, email me ( with your daytime contact number and the numbers for the packs you would like. I'll call you tomorrow to confirm which packs you have, and collect your postal address and credit card details from you. Sorry, only credit cards can be accepted for these packs.

And like before, each pack is $4.00 (down from $5.00 in our 20% off sale). Postage on one pack is $4.90 and postage for 2-6 packs is $8.90.

And tonight you have the no frills version of posting - no names on the packs, just numbers. Those of you with eagle eyes will probably be able to spot who has designed the fabrics anyway. If the packs aren't taken tomorrow I'll post the link to the SCQ-Comm list, but for tonight it's just for you :)

SOLD No. 30

SOLD No. 31

SOLD No. 32

SOLD No. 33

SOLD No. 34

SOLD No. 35

SOLD No. 36

SOLD No. 37

SOLD No. 38

SOLD No. 39

SOLD No. 40

SOLD No. 41

SOLD No. 42

SOLD No. 43

SOLD No. 44

SOLD No. 45

SOLD No. 46

SOLD No. 47

SOLD No. 48

SOLD No. 49

SOLD No. 50

P.S. There will be one more roll out of scrap packs on the blog - a final hooroo for the moment for them :( It'll be sometime next week so keep checking back. We'll also be featuring some other great specials that have up until now been reserved for in-store shoppers. If you need a fix before then, check out our products over at all 20% off this week (except PFAFF sewing machines and SewEzi tables).

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